About Me

Hello there, my name is Hans Gabriel Beloria Daduya. My parents are Daisy and Butch. I have a younger sibling named Hyle. I am currently a 1st Year Software Engineering Student at Central Philippine University. Prior to university, I went to PAREF-Westbridge School Inc. I would also like to mention that I was a mathlete during my high school years and competed in various math competitions locally and internationally. I also like to do programming and software development. I am a self-taught programmer and have a bit of experience in some programming languages such as Javascript, C#, Python, and PHP. Web frameworks I've used are React, Node.js, Laravel, and Flask. Lastly I like solving programming interview problems and doing machine-learning or data science related problems.

Contact Details

Hans Daduya
Blk 16, Lot 4, San Juan St., Sta. Rosa Subd., Tagbak, Jaro
Iloilo City 5000, Iloilo, Philippines

(+63)999 188-7919


Pre-College Life

PAREF-Westbridge School Inc June 2007 - May 2020

My 12 years in from Grade 1 to Grade 12 were spent in PAREF-Westbridge School, which is a school in Iloilo City exclusive for boys. I had an amazing 12 years there and I got to meet my awesome classmates and my hardworking teachers. The school also focuses on Christian practices specifically in "Opus Dei" or God's Work which exhibits doing ordinary work and serving it up to God. My principles and attitude were definitely impacted by the school's teachings.

College Life - Central Philippine University

B.S. in Software Engineering August 2020

I am currentling taking up B.S. Software Engineering at Central Philippine University as Programming and Math are my favorite topics. Also, for me, Software Engineering is the closest career that I can apply my problem-solving skills as Software Engineering demands continuous learning from the different technologies that appear every day. I still haven't met my classmates and professors but I'm pretty excited and I'm also confident in doing the challenges in this course.


Although I may still be a college student, I've self-taught myself to learn different technologies in software development. Some of which are learned through online courses, video tutorial, and through the community of other passionate individuals. Disclaimer: I've not had any work experience with these technologies and all are done through self-learning and through help from experts.

  • Frontend (React, React-Native)
  • Backend (Node.js)
  • Backend (Flask)

Get In Touch.

If you want to get in touch with me for building project. Feel free to message me using the form below. I'm always welcome and happy to meet new friends and collaborate on interesting projects.

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